The dream of every capitalist.

You love the free market in which entrepeneurs take their responsibility. That's why the system used in the American state Colorado fits you.

History was written here by it's people in 2012. For the first time they enforced a referendum on the regulation of marijuana. Regulate it "just like alcohol", the campaign read in that time.

And so, there are shops, giant farms, and venture investors pumping millions in to the new marijuana market in Colorado. Advertising is alowed, while in view of public health this might not be prudent.

This is balanced against a special education fund that will be the beneficiary of the tax revenues that the state collects off this industry. So the more weed is smoked, the more money flows to the education of the youth.

Anyone twentyone years of age may buy marijuana in shops or smoke cafes. Since regulating it, use of marijuana has dropped in the youth demographic. The only thing not alowed in Colorado is smoking outside. This is could be a suprise for tourists coming to Colorado asuming everything is legal.

Growing marijuana at home is possible, with an upper limit of six plants of which no more than three may bloom at the same time.