About this site

This site once started to fuel the debate about cannabis legalization in the Netherlands, as the only country with a progressive cannabis policy in Europe that has now lagged behind other countries in the world.

In our search, we looked at how the rest of the world regulates cannabis, thinking that by no longer criminalising and prosecuting consumers and producers, a relatively normal industry could emerge.

We think this could bring a form of peace to a Drug War that has caused much unneccessary suffering, inflicted by well meaning citizens who think they're protecting others, but hurt them instead.

The reason for this tool

The public debate about this policy has for years been dominated by a polarizing discussion, seldom based on factual information. We think the relevant question is not íf we should end prohibition, but how. 

We want to encourage policy makers, scientists, journalists and other interested citizens to explore different approaches to regulating cannabis markets. This survey should allow for a fun exploration of the different ideas that exist about cannabis regulation.

We don't take a stance in this discussion, except in that we think that these points should be part of the public debate.

How does this site work?

More information about our method if found under detailed information.

Do you also offer a comparison of political viewpoints (for Dutch voters)?

For a 'kieswijzer' you can visit de KiesWijzer Cannabis.

This website is an initiative by:

Thijs Roes - De Correspondent / Yeah Science!

Hester Kooistra - Humanisticus 

Cor><Hasnelissen - Legalize! (no hard feelings we hope)

Erik Esmeijer - Data-analyst

This site has been established in cooperation with The Correspondent, The Legalize! Foundation, and the Coalition for the Abolishment of Cannabisprohibition (VOC). 

Technical realisation:

Dirk Zaal - code

Nico Vlaming - code

Jona Kuijs - designer

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